Expansive yet personal, gritty yet elegant, Saints of Valory offer up timeless well crafted alternative-rock.

The Austin based group featuring, Gavin Jasper (Vocals), Godfrey James (Guitar), and Stephen Buckle (Keys) formed in 2010. With a staunch D.I.Y. ethic, the band gigged non-stop throughout 2011-2013 before signing to Atlantic Records. 

Two EP's and hundreds of shows later, including performances at Coachella, Austin City Limits, Summerfest, Rock in Rio and opening for The Rolling Stones, the Saints found themselves taking a break from their heavy touring schedule to begin work on their full length debut album. (coming later this year)

The construction of this new album was very different from its predecessors. To push their limits musically and create new experiences, the band travelled and recorded in various locations including; Los Angeles, Orlando, Nashville, New York, Austin, Kenya & Austria.

The new album is also marked by a slight tonal shift that comes with each experience. From the angst and anarchy in, "SET IT ON FIRE", to the feeling of giving-in to an adventure in, "TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN", and "ESCAPADES", to the genuine struggles of life of as a musician in, "I HAVEN'T BEEN MYSELF LATELY".  

"There was a lot happening in the world on the day we wrote SET IT ON FIRE", recalls Gavin, "There was a lot of civil unrest and racial tension in the news, the presidential elections were in full swing and there was just a general feeling of divide in the air".  "When we arrived at the studio we began discussing how we were living in some pretty weird times", Godfrey adds. "It was our goal that day to capture that feeling of angst and write an anthemic song that would resonate with anyone else feeling frustrated with it all."

With this album they cast a wider net, but remained focused on capturing their raw, honest emotions, which illustrates that in many ways, Saints of Valory are only getting started.